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Daily Vitamin Feature Vol. 462

Fri Feb 22, 2013, 1:11 PM by malaugusto:iconmalaugusto:


Daily Vitamin

Countdown to Daily Vitamin #1230

Monday, April 27th @ 11:00am

Don't forget to cast your vote!

Daily Vitamin #1230 — Pick your favorite! 

16 deviants said Koi by vamosver
14 deviants said Untitled by eulalievarenne
11 deviants said The Black Riders Are Coming by Nelleke
9 deviants said The Eye by MarinaCoric
8 deviants said Coloring by AnitaAnti

Recent Journal Entries


Looking for an old Spotlight issue or just happy to enjoy our gorgeous features once again?
Here they are!

We sorted them out and got them together in a single place for super easy reference!


1226. S09 by JACAC
1125. Acceleration 2 by Nightline
1224. eden's garden by acseven
1223. The Beginning by werol
1222. TimeGlass by Hengki24
1221. Treasurer by salwap
1220. Marigold Days by arefin03
1219. Hide and Seek by NickChao
1218. Kaylee by Hadissima
1217. The Keeper of Fairytales by parvanaphotography
1216. alone by mihmann
1215. Lines by Erasky
1214. Patagonian winds - Lago Pehoe by FelixInden
1213. Tidore II by Chaerul-Umam
1212. Izabella by Norrington1
1211. Wild Light by TripleHearts
1210. A study with free fall by dinabelenko
1209. Kgabo Leopardess by LinRuPhotography
1208. Plague I by katarzynas
1207. It must be a dream... by FrancescaDelfino
1206. Laguna III by Chaerul-Umam
1205. Sudetenland by :devdevfotoPScz:
1204. Against Walls by Draken413o
1203. :: bodyscape :: by CoryVarcoe
1202. light for lost... by Alcove
1201. Gold Gate by Draken413o
1200. *** by Tarasov
1199. The Daydream by NickChao
1198. Sublimation by Inebriantia
1197. The Shire by polomski
1196. Before Sunset by INVIV0
1195. Wonderland of Stars by Vint26
1194. Blueberry mountains by dinabelenko
1193. Sacred Kingfisher V by EOS-Husky
1192. Little owl - Athene noctua by RichardConstantinoff
1191. Secret Meeting by OliverBPhotography
1190. Chef- loser by Daykiney
1189. autumn blues by S-Patriot
1188. Wald #49 by HeikoGerlicher
1187. blue by vularia
1186. A bunch of happiness. by dragonfly-oli
1185. .:Cedar Waxwing II:. by RHCheng
1184. there by MustafaDedeogLu
1183. Female Chaffinch by linneaphoto
1182. mind's eye by sa-nick86
1181. This Is My Autograph by LASKANWLF
1180. Outlet by LAlight
1179. surreal worlds IV by ChiFeng-dA
1178. What the Water Gave Me by MissSouls
1177. Helvetia by polomski
1176. It's Always Coffee Time by dinabelenko
1175. .:Happiness:. by RHCheng
1174. Eye (Light Study 1) by cameraguyy
1173. Beyond Words by TripleHearts
1172. Horse with no name by Chris-Lamprianidis
1171. Follow The Light by Nelleke
1170. Black Dunes by Hengki24
1169. sima by MartaSyrko
1168. Phantasmagorie by Phoenixstamatis
1167. Alpensee by RichardGrando
1166. Bee eaters by corsuse
1165. Relic Of Autumn by Nelleke
1164. Radiate by LAlight
1163. Valley Fog by BokehLight
1162. S T A Y VII by JoannaRzeznikowska
1161. door... by iangrahamimages
1160. Meet me in the midnight.. by Khomenko
1159. 6/52 - Pinky crust by IndigoSummerr
1158. Good morning planet! by arbebuk
1157. Echoes of Light III by borda
1156. The Illusion of Darkness by oprust
1155. Sharing My Dreams by LASKANWLF
1154. Close to the Flame by MariannaInsomnia
1153. Snow by Zolfyer
1152. * by thefirebomb
1151. morning breeze by Miguel-Santos
1150. Air dancers by arefin03
1149. steep in the creek by NWunseen
1148. Fox cub on the rock (Vulpes vulpes) by AlesGola
1147. Rebirth by Sturmideenkind
1146. The Garden Gnome by alexgphoto
1145. Reds by Nelleke
1144. ... by IndigoSummerr
1143. The Whole Universe Surrenders by MikkoLagerstedt
1142. fall into pieces by arbebuk
1141. Not so wild-103 by Sblourg
1140. Matilda Bay Sunrise by Furiousxr
1139. Spread Your Wings by alexandre-deschaumes
1138. Wald #44 by HeikoGerlicher
1137. ...bled XIII... by roblfc1892
1136. the birds by Nopel-Opzan
1135. Atlantic by ColinHSillerud
1134. Eternal Gold by Trashins
1133. PA230029-web by warhammerphoto
1132. Common Greenshank by Sergey-Ryzhkov
1131. 2015002 by y5y6
1130. In my Kingdom Cold by da-phil
1129. Come With Me To The Other Side by Unkopierbar
1128. Common Buzzard (Buteo Buteo) by Sergey-Ryzhkov
1127. Children story by MikkoLagerstedt